The Cool Girl Culottes Guide

Trust me, you can befriend them as easily as those boyfriend jeans you were so worried to buy but now live in. I have seen quite a few girls shying away from this very easy-going trend primarily due to height issues. So, I decided to do my first outfit post on my favorite trend of the season in an attempt to show you how anyone can wear a pair of culottes.

The Edgy Girl:



Plain white tee, leather jacket and your favorite pair of shoes and voila, so cool but still comfy.

Outfit details||Jacket: Zara||Tee: Zara||Culottes: Zara||Shoes: Rubi at Cotton On

The Laid-back Girl:

IMG_2637 edited.jpgIMG_2643 edited.jpgIMG_2616 edited.jpg

IMG_2607 edited.jpg

Keep it simple

It might sound like obvious advice, but sticking to neutral tones when wearing a bold item like culottes is one of the easiest ways to wear them with confidence and style.

Outfit details||Top: Zara||Culottes: Zara||Shoes: Rubi at Cotton On

The Party Girl:


Wear Them To A Fancy Do

If you’re heading somewhere that has copious amounts of Champagne and you’d rather be comfortable, silky culottes worn with a glam top is not only just as good as any dress, but way more creative.

Outfit details||Top: Zara||Culottes: Bershka||Shoes: Rubi at Cotton On

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post! What new trends have you added to your wardrobe recently? Have you embraced culottes yet?  I’d love to hear how you’re styling them in the comments below!

Photos by Jami Murphy

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