Jog on…

Cast your memory all the way back to 2004 and it was the look du jour, with Juicy Couture velour repetitions that filtered in eye-searing shades reigning supreme on the wishlists of any teenage girl.  And if that wasn’t your thing, adidas side stripe joggers would probably tick your boxes. Gone are the glittering dresses, the Manolos and Chanel bags. In their place? The chavtastic tracksuits I remembered strolling the streets in my memories. Blame Vetements, Chloé, and Gucci, propelling the currently buzzing culture of bad-taste dressing. Tracksuits were once considered the uniform of society’s outsiders, they have now found themselves to be the new powersuit, donned on the body of every notable editor or street style star. This isn’t a fad – sportswear is now a fully integrated high fashion proposition. I have become a victim of what was once seen as a fashion crime. In this post I will be demonstrating 3 different ways to wear these bad boys so you don’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed and threw on your sweats.


Polo Knit: Mr Price||Top: Zara||Trousers: H&M||Slides: Cotton On

The new tracksuit bottoms are designed to look, for lack of a better word, ‘posh’ because of this they automatically appear smart. A punchy side stripe, meanwhile, will lift the outfit, and accessories can be matched to the specific stripe shade. Don’t be afraid to use similar colours to weave your look together.

Pair with a fancy blouse:


Knit: Zara||Blouse: Zara||Trousers: H&M||Trainers: Reebok @ Superbalist

A sweater or tracksuit top is perfectly acceptable for running weekend errands, but not for smart day wear. Instead tuck in a blouse, or try a blouse and a cute knit combo. Once the weather cools, a dark cashmere polo neck would look equally chic.

Leather jacket moment:


Leather Jacket: Superbalist||White tee: Zara||Trousers: Zara||Shoes: Cotton On

Think the ineffably cool offspring of Sporty and Posh Spice, and suddenly it becomes all too easy to work this trend into your wardrobe with a glossier finish. Try it out with a leather jacket and you’ve elevated your side stripe jogging trousers into a slick, street interpretation of a tuxedo (sort of). Sliders are undeniably sleek, but balance the athleticism with a white tee to nail the high/low aesthetic.

Karl Lagerfeld may have said that to wear sweatpants (aka, tracksuit bottoms) is a sign of defeat. Well if that’s the case, pass me a mid-noughties Burberry scarf and a white flag because I’m done.

Photography: Julie Aarts



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