Coachella Dreamin’

Hello my frisky felines!

I am back with another long overdue fashion post. I must apologise for being so M.I.A lately but in January I started an internship at Glamour magazine as a fashion intern.

While it has been one of the most amazing, enlightening and eye-opening experiences it has hardly given me a chance to focus on anything but work. But I was lucky enough to take a few days off and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to write another post.

If there’s one period of the year that truly feels like a day dream, it’s Coachella. For those of you who ever had the opportunity to have experienced the festival, you know exactly what I am talking about. For years, I have always dreamt about attending this festival and always find myself looking up all the pictures online just to increase the FOMO that much more. Recently Coachella has become a real music meets fashion kind of event where influencers and celebrities join to celebrate and well, strut their boho looks all over the desert. And thanks to social media, we are all very, very well aware of it. Proof is, even if you weren’t there, you could still get a little feel of it with your flower crown dedicated Snapchat filter… Technology, right?

So YES, Coachella is basically the desert version of a fashion week now

So with all this above mentioned FOMO I decided to try put together my very own Coachella outfit that I would wear if I was ever blessed enough to go. (*Subtly hints for a blesser*)


When I think Coachella the first thing that comes to mind is “boho babe”. Now while I do not consider myself much of a bohemian princess I thought I’d put my own spin on it. I am a sucker for an all-black ensemble and while browsing the ever so dreamy isles of Zara my eyes were immediately drawn to this gorgeous frock. Lace, mesh and silver ringlets- I was sold.

Because this dress is so exquisite on its own I kept the accessorizing to a minimal. A cute bowler-esque hat and a simple pair of Chelsea boots which are also really comfy- perfect for the all-day dancing to your fave bands.


So you’ll just find me here dreaming about my days dancing in the desert. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to write a post about my actual experience. Here’s hoping!




Styling by yours truly

Photography by Julie Aarts


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